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Pre & Post Care advice

Help me help you achieve optimum results by following the pre and post care advice. Please note you may be unsuitable for treatment if you are 

- Under the age of 18
- Pregnant or nursing
- Diabetic or have any blood disorders.
- Epilectic 
- Active Herpes outbreak
- Taking Warfarin and other blood thinning medication
- Had Botox within 2 weeks before your procedure
- Currently taking Antabuse or Roaccutane or have taken it within the last 6 months
- Suffer from Keloid scarring
- Five weeks pre or post radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatment unless medical consent is given.

Please abstain from alcohol and caffeine 48 hrs before your treatment. Since alcohol is a blood thinner, it'll make you bleed more. 
Please abstain from ibuprofen before your appointment as this also increases chances of bleeding.

After your treatment, please follow the below advice:

- Wash the area gently with tepid water 3-4 hours after treatment to remove any blood or excess pigment on the newly treated brows or lips.
- Avoid getting area wet for 7-10 days other than cleansing
- Apply the Vitamin A/D balm provided 2/3 times a day after cleansing for at least 7 days.
- Avoid excessive exercise, swimming, spas & direct sunlight for 7-10 days. 
- Do Not pick or scratch the area as this may remove pigment and cause scarring.
- No facial aesthetics or waxing, threading for at least 2 weeks.
- Do not tint your eyebrows for a minimum of 4 weeks 
- Do not use conventional make up on the area for 2 weeks
- Continue taking Acyclovir for 5 days after treatment, if it was taken before treatment
- Colour is up to 50% darker immediately after treatment. Colour will fade in 4-7 days. Final healed colour will be visible in 4 weeks. 
- Treatments are a 2 part process and a free 6 - 12 week top up is required. 

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